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"Katie has worked with my son now ages 10 for almost a year on bereavement/grief aspects after the passing of both grandparents within a short time frame and challenging behaviour which he had displayed in reaction to sudden and traumatic situations in his young life. 
Katie has always been open, friendly and understanding of both my child's needs and mine as a parent.
Katie's communication skills are excellent, she is always willing to listen without judgement and takes time to understand the needs of both the child and immediate family.
Katie tailors sessions to the individual needs and abilities of her clients an dis aware of the need for confidentiality, displaying the knowledge that she has & is able to follow confidentiality guidelines. Therefore keeping her clients safe.
Katie has helped my son to understand his emotions, the meaning of his feelings within his own body and how to manage strong emotions safely and appropriately.
In the time my son has worked with Katie his behaviour has greatly improve, he continues to receive the support he requires on bereavement and displays a far more positive approach in life. 
My son is now much happier, settled and secure as a result of Katie's work with him. 
It is lovely to watch him grow emotionally and thrive as an individual. 
Thank you Katie for all your support". 
"I have been meeting with Katie since February 2017 and during that time she has been my support and guidance. She has never pushed or pressured me, but has gently and caringly encouraged me, day by day, to put one foot infront of the other, to try and fill the huge place in my life that the loss of my wife has caused. 
I sincerely believe that without her help, even though I have my ups and downs, I would not be in a place I am now. I am extremely grateful to her for her sound, intelligent and sympathetic appreciation of my feelings and needs and I would not hesitate to recommend her help and guidance".
"I was diagnosed with bowel cancer last year and went to my l local cancer support centre for help, where I met Katie.She was a counsellor there within the centre I visit her once a week. She has been professional at all times, caring and welcoming. Though I have found it difficult to ask for help, Katie has been really supportive and made me feel really comfortable and able to open up. If you are reading this and sitting at home either with an illness or just feeling lonely, just pick up the phone an ask for help. I did and I've no regrets at all, I still have a long way to go but with Katie's help I will come out the other side very soon I'm sure. All in all I would thoroughly recommend her as a counsellor". 
"I have been working with Katie for over a year now and I am so impressed (and grateful) with my progress I asked her if I could write this review.  Right from go Katie's dedication to my complex issues was clear to me.   I have a severe trauma history so I have significant difficulties in attachments and a myriad of sensitivities and triggers.  Katie has been extremely flexible, taking these needs into account whilst being gently challenging of them.  The biggest way she has helped me is through empowering me to realise I had more control over my mental health than I had ever been previously led to believe.  Unfortunately previous "help" (NHS and otherwise) had simply left me feeling powerless which exacerbated my difficulties to the point of having a mental breakdown. I met Katie a year into my recovery from the breakdown and since then I have not once felt that desperate and out of control again. I am quite honestly like a new person, already, and I am super excited to continue this journey to see where else I can go with my new found strength, resilience and self esteem.  I had a choice a year or so ago:  go to an NHS psychiatrist and be put on medication, or work with Katie.  I am so glad I made the right choice for me, by far. Katie's guidance has utterly transformed my life".
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