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Why Are Your Values Important?

Do you have them?

Do you know what they are?

Do they matter?

You have always been living your life via a set of values. Some of these you have inherited and some you have gathered along the way, some you have kept and some you have discarded.

Are you feeling unfulfilled, stuck, unhappy, frustrated?? If you are, then chances are you're not living in accordance to your values somewhere in your world. Or you are surrounding yourself with people who have a very different set of values to yours.

Do you recognise when you are making judgement of others? That is your values talking.

Has life got in the way and you have lost sight of your values? Is current day to day life compromising them? Or do yours simply not fit anymore?

Think about what yours may be;

  • Choose 10 of these as your priorities.

  • Think of them in relation to; you, your relationships, your friendships, your work life.

  • What percentage are you fulfilling each one in each area of your life? Does it look ok? Could it be better?

Only when you start to recognise your values and allow them to guide your decision making will you then start to feel more in control of your own life and achieve a sense of balance.

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